Ship's Wheel Resort

Lake of the Woods & Rainy River

Baudette Minnesota

Ship's Wheel Resort

Doug & Kim Brown

2683 22nd St. N.W.

Baudette, Mn 56623

Call for Reservations 1-800-315-2835

All other calls 218-634-2835

Pets or no pets has always been a hard decission for us.

Not everyone likes pets, some people are allergic to them.

Some people are afraid of them.

To make everyones vacation a pleasant one, we prefer that you leave your pet at home.

If you must bring your pet, we have a few rules to follow.

Mention pet when making reservation
No pets in the Captains Quarters

1. If your dog is aggressive in any way or a barker we ask that you leave it at home.


2. Must always be on a leash.


3. Do not leave unattended in a cabin unless in a kennel.


4. Do not leave unattended outside. Tied to trees or picnic tables.


5. Pets are not allowed on beds or furniture.


6. All dog litter must be picked up (bring a scooper)


7. All hair must be cleaned from cabin on departure.


8. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by pets.